Coloring Outside the Lines - CD
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1.  Coloring Outside the Lines (5:58)  Lyrics...
2.  How was it Justified? (4:41) Lyrics...
3.  Something that I Didn't Know (3:30) Lyrics...
4.  Don't Call Me Late for Dinner (2:12) Lyrics...
5.  Kansas Skies (5:10)  Lyrics...
6.  Mary Ann (3:44) Lyrics...
7.  Five Coins In (3:30)  Lyrics...
8.  God Bless the Child (4:22) Lyrics...
9.  Taking It Slow (4:12) Lyrics...
10. I Remembered a Song (5:16) Lyrics...

All songs written by Sandy Ross, copyright 1998, Azure-Rose Music, BMI, except
"God Bless the Child," written by Arthur Herzog, Jr. and Billie Holiday, E.B Mark Music Corp., BMI.

Production Notes

Sandy Ross - vocals, 6 and 12 string guitars
Jeff Gold - lead guitar and guitar arrangements
Tim Emmons - upright bass and string arrangements
Marcy Dictrow-Vaj - violin

Novi Novog - viola
Ray Tischer - viola
Lisa Pribanic - cello
Dave Raven - drums, percussion
Skip Edwards - organ
Michael Jordan - piano
Jerry Peterson - baritone and lead tenor saxophones, and horn arrangements
Lon Price - tenor saxophone
Lee Thornburg - trumpet
Nick Lane - trombone
Robb "Rabbit" MacKay - lead guitar and backup vocal on "I Remembered a Song"

"I Remembered a Song" Choir -

Robert Davis, Emily Tree's Dad, Susan Koscielski, John-Michael Kaye,
Mike Schilling, Shannon Twiss, Peter Twiss, Penny Twiss, Tim Tedrow,

Lois Tedrow, Tenaya Adrean, Judy Krueger, Terry Wolf, Connie Esparza,

Peal B. Vaj, Erayna, Lee Hirsch, Vince Slaiter, Austin M. Grehan, Jeff Gold,

JoAnn Braheny, John Braheny, Rosemary Polito, Mandi Martin-Fox, Eve Reynolds,

Bobi Jackson, Larry Dean, Marcy Dicterow-Vaj, David Ross, Raspin, Paul Zollo

The Mighty Echoes - backup vocals on "Don't Call Me Late for Dinner"